What our Customers Humans say

Gustavo recently started eating the SOAP Viddles brand. Each time I put it in his bowl, it's gone is a matter of seconds. I guess the proof is in how clean the bowl is in the end!

Tim W - Florida

Jonas has been eating SOAP Viddles for two years. He has a nice smooth and shiny coat, he has built muscles and has grown into a 84 pound, 2 year old pittie. #TheSOAPLifeis4Real

Rochelle H

My boy Scrappy has been eating Viddles for almost  two years. He refuses to eat his dry food without it now. His coat is shinier and he has filled out real nice. If Scrappy loves it, then I'm happy. #TheSOAPLife

Jarvis J

Did someone say Viddles? My furst borns (Babs and Luka) love the food so
much, it's gone before I can blink!

Tailyn M