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Here’s How It Works…

◊ Register: Become an affiliate if you’re not one already. Let us know when and how you plan to promote so we can assist you every step of the way.

◊ Choose: Go through our various product/program promotions and choose the promotion that best fits your audience. We have extremely strong funnels from lead generation, to trial to sale.

◊ Share: All you have to do is customize our pre-written emails for your audience and send to your email list via a solo or newsletter send and/or share our social posts to your followers.

◊ Earn Commissions: We offer 10-40% commissions depending on product. Our extremely long payout length (6 months) mean that you continue to get paid long after the promotion is completed. We pay via Paypal and Stripe and there is no minimum commission to get paid.

Not An Affiliate? Join Now!